Go Viral researchers view oncolytic viruses (OVs) as a promising class of cancer immunotherapies that exploit the innate ability of certain replication-competent viruses to infect and preferentially lyse tumor cells while leaving normal cells intact.

Oncolytic Viruses

A Novel Treatment Option

OVs can be genetically engineered to enhance tumor selectivity, promote replication competence, limit pathogenicity and increase immunogenicity.

Engineered viruses can be manipulated by the deletion or modification of viral genes, or eukaryotic genes can be added to the virus genome as an additional ‘payload’ for increasing the extent of tumor cell death or promoting anti-tumor immunity.

OVs can be injected intra-tumorally to increase efficacy and improve safety.

OVs kill cancer cells and activate the immune system. 

OVs promote anti-tumor responses through a dual mechanism of action. 

OVs infect and destroy cancer cells without damaging normal cells.