Go Viral researchers have been involved in numorous projects relating to oncolytic viruses. Below are articles from their published research.


Oncolytic Viral Therapy Research​

Oncolytic viruses (OV)  injected directly into cancerous tumors destroy cancer cells while doing little or no damage to normal cells in the human body. For example, the Newcastle disease virus (NDV) has been shown to selectively infect cancer cells and rapidly replicate in them. The virus induces an immune response which then fights the tumor. The overall side effects of such a virus in humans are mild. Below we present research articles that delve into the details of oncolytic virotherapy.

Monitoring the Efficacy of Oncolytic Viruses via Gene Expression

With the recent success of oncolytic viruses in clinical trials, efforts toward improved monitoring of the viruses and their mechanism have intensified. Four main gene expression strategies have been employed to date including: analyzing overall gene expression in tumor cells, looking at gene expression of a few specific genes in the tumor cells, focusing on gene expression of specific transgenes introduced into the virus, and following gene expression of certain viral genes.  Read more

Authors: Ashley Ansel, Joshua P. Rosenzweig, Philip D. Zisman, Beni Gesundheit

Publication: Frontiers in Oncology